Fermented Feuilletons #1

ferm feuilletons logoHello, I am the FFF’s son, Mika A.K.A “M” (see glossary of terms) and this is my monthly feuilleton on my mum’s blog.
So, basically, from now on once a month (whatever day of the month that is going to be chosen) a feuilleton written by me will be posted on The Fermented Food Freak. These short feuilletons will be mostly for fun. They will not feature any recipes or anything.
Anyway, I am not quarter as good at fermenting food as my mum. All I can do is make a sauerkraut sandwich (tastes better than it sounds, trust me).
So this post will just be to introduce myself to you, and introduce the Fermented Feuilletons to you.
So, as you already know, I am the FF’s son, I am 11 years old and to be honest, my wildest passions aren’t fermenting (no offence). However do not worry! These feuilletons will all be one way or another to do with fermented food.
But it will be from a different perspective than my mum writes about it, because to me fermented food is only a very tasty type of food, while to my mum it is (in a way) a way of life. So I really hope that you will enjoy these nice short funny feuilletons and that you will come back to read the second one next week. Bye!
P.S I’ve never written on a public blog before (I used to have a private one, though). I mean, unless you count proofreading the FFF. “The FFF’s private editor” (imagine that in your cv!)

Update 16th March, 2016: Mika started his own blog in December 2015. It is a SF blog and, as for today, he has published 75 posts! They are all great.

Click here to read more Mika’s feuilletons.


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