Pickle Riiiick!

Fermented Feuilleton #5

pickle rickHello, I’m Mika and welcome to another Fermented Feuilleton. If this is your first time reading one of these, I’m Anna’s son and I write about stuff here that still has something to do with fermented food, but usually ISN’T something that my mom would write about. And this post is most certainly not an exception! Continue reading Pickle Riiiick!


How To Make Kimchi

how to make kimchiAs said in my previous post, the most difficult part of making Kimchi is getting the proper ingredients. Even though some people just ferment any veg with ginger and garlic and called it Kimchi, I recommend to be a bit more ambitious and at least use legitimate Nappa cabbage as the base.
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What is Kimchi?

Kimchi - Korean fermented foodKimchi is traditional Korean fermented food eaten usually as a side dish made either of napa cabbage, radish, scallion or cucumber as the main ingredient. There are hundreds of varieties of Kimchi that differ not only from region to region but also from season to season. Continue reading What is Kimchi?


How to Make Ginger Beer (2)

Ginger Bug (1) I cannot believe it happened to me; my precious GBP died! I kept giving it away to people, mostly as a surprise bonus gift on my workshops, and didn’t notice that it stopped reproducing. Continue reading How to Make Ginger Beer (2)


The Real Irish Bread

Real Irish BreadIn my previous post, I wrote nasty things about Irish bread. As a result, I had a fascinating Facebook conversation with Karina from Green Earth Organics that inspired me to dig deeper into the topic. Continue reading The Real Irish Bread


What is Real Bread?

What is real breadIreland is a great place to live in, but as I already said many times, coming here ten years ago was a bit of a culinary shock for me. Continue reading What is Real Bread?


How To Make Ginger Beer (1)

Ginger beerWe have been already blessed with a few hot days in Ireland this Summer, and I don’t know how I would survive raging 19°C heat without ginger beer. It is a very fizzy, sharp-flavoured, refreshing drink and the most Summery of all fermented sodas. Continue reading How To Make Ginger Beer (1)