Pickle Riiiick!

Fermented Feuilleton #5

pickle rickHello, I’m Mika and welcome to another Fermented Feuilleton. If this is your first time reading one of these, I’m Anna’s son and I write about stuff here that still has something to do with fermented food, but usually ISN’T something that my mom would write about. And this post is most certainly not an exception! Continue reading Pickle Riiiick!


Will it ferment?

As you can see, if you ferment something it is more likely than not that it will be edible and maybe even tasty. M, who featured in the video, is known for his strong and merciless opinions about everything and yet he admitted enjoying most of my ferments. Mind, though, he is Polish.

Please, read also his feuilleton. It is a good fun!


Żurek – Fermented Rye Flour Soup.

Żurek-Sour Rye Flour SoupŻurek, also called Żur, is a traditional Slavic soup made of fermented rye flour.  There is a similar one called Barszcz Biały and it has never been fully clarified what makes it differ  from Żurek. Continue reading Żurek – Fermented Rye Flour Soup.


Do you have problems with the following recipes? Start fermenting!

following lab instructions
Photo credit: 123dan321, freeimages.com


Many, many light-years ago I was studying biotechnology. While I loved studying and learning new things and usually got good notes on exams, I had a problem with following lab instructions. Continue reading Do you have problems with the following recipes? Start fermenting!