Do you have problems with the following recipes? Start fermenting!

following lab instructions
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Many, many light-years ago I was studying biotechnology. While I loved studying and learning new things and usually got good notes on exams, I had a problem with following lab instructions. I still feel a little bit embarrassed by that, especially as I generally see myself as an organised person.  I swear to God, I tried very hard, but my constant non-adherence to procedures seemed to sabotage the results of all my experiments. I eventually graduated but promised myself never ever go through the  door of a biochemical lab again.

After all these  years I am so much put off by any kind of quantitative instructions that I do not even own  a kitchen scales and never have . I am the kind of person, who adds a little bit more butter than a recipe says, because I like butter or because I would be left with a tiny bit in a fridge, so it is better to use it all. And I get paralysed when I have to add 50g of salt, but feel more comfortable with half a spoon and completely relaxed with a pinch.

Do you know what I mean?

Are you the same?

If so, start fermenting and experience the taste of continuous success.

The food fermentation is the easiest and least demanding culinary process I can imagine. In fact, it is hard to make it wrong. The only exception I know is sourdough, but forget that  for the moment.

Fermenting is a little bit like raising children. You are the one who creates the conditions and that’s it. Start it right and then watch how the Nature works.

Do not over control and enjoy unexpected results.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Do you have problems with the following recipes? Start fermenting!”

  1. This is one of the many, many reasons I love to ferment. You really can’t go wrong and there is no real recipe. We waste a lot of food by adhering to the recipes. Little bits and pieces never get used up, plus certain diners *ahem* refuse to eat leftovers. Better to learn the basics and wing it.


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