The Holy Grail

Fermented Feuilletons #4

Hey, guys! I’m Mika. And it’s been absolute ages since the last Fermented Feuilleton. One of the main reasons is that I have been busy with my own blog, the Sci-fi Pie. Anyway, if you’re not a hardcore reader of the Fermented Food Freak, you can click here to read the first Fermented Feuilleton I wrote for this awesome blog. And in case you’re just such a busy person that you don’t even have time to read it and you only have time to read this post, I have two things to say to you. One: Shame on you! Two: Fermented Feuilletons are posts on this blog written by me, Anna’s son. These focus on fermented food through the eyes of Anna’s 12-year-old son (me). Now, without further ado, let’s get on with this Fermented Feuilleton.

For years, heck, for centuries people believed that drinking out of the Holy Grail will grant you eternal life and complete immortality. However, it has turned out that it doesn’t matter as much what you drink out of, but rather what you’re drinking. And the drink that will grant you the ability to live forever and never have to face death is… milk kefir. Although, there is a catch. You must drink a half-pint class EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Doesn’t seem as magical now, does it? Well, milk kefir is an extremely healthy probiotic fermented drink. Click here to learn how to make it. Anyway, I have been drinking it every morning for the last two-or-so months of school, took a little break from it for the holidays and now I am trying to get back into drinking it every morning. Now, as my mum advertises this drink a lot on her blog as being both healthy and super duper scrumptious, I admit that I’m not a huge fan of it. It’s kind of like buttermilk but denser and more sour.

However, do not fear! Because, if you are in a similar situation to me that you want to live forever, but aren’t a huge fan of kefir, I have a few hacks I’d like to share with you that can make it better. And neither of these take away from its healthiness. First off, adding honey can really improve the taste by making it much sweeter. And of course, it still remains unbelievably healthy. Next up, adding some fruit. I have personally tried adding bananas and strawberries, which really helps. And not only does this keep it healthy, it makes it even healthier.

And as much as I still often need to add some honey or some fruits, I must say that kefir really has grown on me. I am now much more used to it than I was when I started drinking it. So just remember not to be discouraged by the taste of kefir. This is the only way to live forever.

Don’t forget to check out my blog by clicking here and why don’t you leave a comment below this post telling us if you have any ways of making kefir yummie? See ya next time I have some time to write a Fermented Feuilleton. Bye! 😀