Borscht leftover vegetables.

If you followed my recipe for borscht, you would have large amount of cooked vegetables left after sifting out. Majority of people would just throw it out and this is what I would normally do if veg was cooked in meat stock. But, as you remember, you cannot use meat for Christmas Eve borscht, so why waste the veg? Continue reading Borscht leftover vegetables.

How to serve Christmas Eve Borscht.

Once you have your borscht ready, you have to decide how it will be served.

Barszcz z uszkami
Barszcz z uszkami

You can either
Continue reading How to serve Christmas Eve Borscht.

Christmas Eve Borscht – intro

Christmas Eve borschtWhen I was a child, every year two weeks before Christmas a jar with fermented beetroot appeared on a kitchen shelf. Then, on Christmas Eve, the content of the jar was used to prepare heavenly delicious borscht. Continue reading Christmas Eve Borscht – intro