How to serve Christmas Eve Borscht.

Once you have your borscht ready, you have to decide how it will be served.

Barszcz z uszkami
Barszcz z uszkami

You can either

  •  just sip it from a mug or, even better, a nice cup
  • buy a can of butter beans, heat them up, place a little bit of them in soup bowls and pour borscht over them; OBH* says it is ridiculous, but I strongly disagree;
  • go to a Polish shop and buy krokiety  (croquettes) or pierogi z kapustą  (dumplings with sauerkaut) or pierogi z mięsem (dumplings with meat)heat them up and eat while sipping borscht from a mug; I love it;
  • or do it the proper Christmasy way: go to Polish shop and buy uszka z grzybami; we, Polish like to think that this is essentially Polish dish; in fact, uszka are exactly the same as tortelloni (big tortellini) except filling, which in this case is made of wild mushrooms; so, heat them up (or cook if bought frozen), place 4-7 in a soup bowl and pour borscht over.

OK, the proper Christmasy way would be to make uszka at home from scratch. If  I was a serious blogger I would produce a recipe here, but I am not a serious blogger (yet).

*see Glosary of Terms


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