Borscht leftover vegetables.

If you followed my recipe for borscht, you would have large amount of cooked vegetables left after sifting out. Majority of people would just throw it out and this is what I would normally do if veg was cooked in meat stock. But, as you remember, you cannot use meat for Christmas Eve borscht, so why waste the veg?

I just cut carrot, parsnip and celery into small cubes, add a bit of diced fresh onion or leek and mix with mayonnaise or olive or other kind of dressing. This make delicious salad. I call it sometimes “skint salad”, but it is rather offending name.

Also, you should be left over with a jar full of fermented beetroot. It is so tasty that I use it as a snack, but make salad with fresh onion and mayo as well.
And garlic. Do you remember? We put garlic in the jar along with beetroot. I said two cloves not to scare people off, but in fact I put much more than two just because fermented garlic is the best thing I have ever had. I never came up with any nice idea what to use it for, simply because it never lasted longer than a minute after opening a jar.

Give me a shout if you try it!


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