Wigilia – Polish Christmas Eve Dinner.


Wigila-polish-christmas-eve-dinnerPolish Christmas Eve is a Fermented Food feast. I wasn’t aware of this until I started blogging and reflecting on the omnipresence of Fermented Food in the Polish cuisine. Continue reading Wigilia – Polish Christmas Eve Dinner.

How I Became a Freak.

Christmas sauerkrautExactly a year ago, I published my first blog post. It was not a coincident that it happened right before Christmas; I started blogging out of excitement that I would have the proper Christmas Eve Borscht for the first time in ten years. Continue reading How I Became a Freak.

Borscht leftover vegetables.

If you followed my recipe for borscht, you would have large amount of cooked vegetables left after sifting out. Majority of people would just throw it out and this is what I would normally do if veg was cooked in meat stock. But, as you remember, you cannot use meat for Christmas Eve borscht, so why waste the veg? Continue reading Borscht leftover vegetables.