Wigilia – Polish Christmas Eve Dinner.


Wigila-polish-christmas-eve-dinnerPolish Christmas Eve is a Fermented Food feast. I wasn’t aware of this until I started blogging and reflecting on the omnipresence of Fermented Food in the Polish cuisine. Continue reading Wigilia – Polish Christmas Eve Dinner.

Milk Kefir – A Summer Essential.

Milk kefirYou can definitely smell Autumn in the air… So, to bid farewell to Summer, we decided to have a typical Polish Summer midday meal yesterday. Continue reading Milk Kefir – A Summer Essential.

Fermented Food – the Real Beauty of Poland.

sauerkraut barrel5OBH has arrived from holidays in Poland. Being a very supportive and caring OBH, he brought some fantastic material for my blog.

Look at this picture of sauerkraut! Continue reading Fermented Food – the Real Beauty of Poland.