Are All Fermented Foods Probiotic?

Are all fermented foods probiotic-Any food made by fermentation can be called Fermented Food. However, not all fermented foods are probiotic. Continue reading Are All Fermented Foods Probiotic?

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Beet kvassBesides supplements, lacto-fermented foods are the only source of live beneficial bacteria in the human diet. Eating these products supports the functions the good gut flora performs in our bodies. Continue reading Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Who is afraid of Kombucha?

who is afraid of KombuchaBeing a huge Kombucha enthusiast, I decided to dedicate a separate post to its health benefits. Because I am striving to be a proper blogger, as you may not have noticed yet, I sat down to conduct the Internet research on the topic. And this made me so confused! Continue reading Who is afraid of Kombucha?