Who remembers sour milk?

who remembers sour milk
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This entire buzz around milk being a deadly poison is a bit disturbing for me. I love milk and have never experienced the slightest sign of the intolerance. The old fashioned, common sense part of me says that milk is a good thing, full of protein, vitamins etc.

However, hoards of people who cured themselves of severe allergies and other afflictions simply by restraining from diary cannot be ignored, can they?

I know that there are millions of factors which make milk evil, but the good news is that FERMENTED milk products:

  • contain no or very little of that nasty lactose and
  • casein is partially broken down

So, they are not that bad, I dare to say.

The range of these products is huge and includes everyday stuff like cheese, sour cream or yoghurt as well as exotics like calpis or lassi.

The simplest of them is SOUR MILK and basically this is what you get when you leave raw milk in a warm place.  Lactococcus lactis, which lives naturally in milk, converts lactose to lactic acid, which in turns makes milk to curd.

Of course, there is no Lactococcus lactis in pasteurised milk, which means all milk available to buy officially in Ireland. So, the only way to get completely natural sour milk is to smuggle raw milk from a farm. Then you can use it to inoculate pasteurised milk and keep your Lactococcus lactis alive forever without the need of smuggling anymore.

Alternatively, you can buy sour milk in an Eastern European shop and use it for an inoculation. Look for Zsiadłe Mleko, Rūgpienis or Kislo Mleko. However, read the label carefully. If you see that the product contains ACETIC ACID, do not buy it. It is not fermented but the ACIDIFIED milk and it doesn’t have the health benefits of lacto-fermented food.

Also, if you want to produce sour milk at home by simply adding lemon juice or vinegar to the milk, remember it is not the same as fermented sour milk.

To read more about raw milk, go here.

See my recipe for Polish sour milk soup.

See you.


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