Fermented Winter Dishes – Part 2

lazanki pasta with sauerkrautIt looks like winter came back to Ireland, so I can continue with my listing of Fermented Food Winter Dishes. Yes, there are loads of them, and they are warming, comforting and delicious. Continue reading Fermented Winter Dishes – Part 2


Fermented Winter Dishes

bigos Hunter's stewWhat we have at the moment in Ireland is the first breath of Spring, but in Poland the end of January is pretty much the middle of Winter. Nobody is fooled by a few warmer days because February and March are usually very cold months.     Continue reading Fermented Winter Dishes

Wigilia – Polish Christmas Eve Dinner.


Wigila-polish-christmas-eve-dinnerPolish Christmas Eve is a Fermented Food feast. I wasn’t aware of this until I started blogging and reflecting on the omnipresence of Fermented Food in the Polish cuisine. Continue reading Wigilia – Polish Christmas Eve Dinner.

Fermented Food – the Real Beauty of Poland.

sauerkraut barrel5OBH has arrived from holidays in Poland. Being a very supportive and caring OBH, he brought some fantastic material for my blog.

Look at this picture of sauerkraut! Continue reading Fermented Food – the Real Beauty of Poland.

What I learned from an Irish chef about fermenting?

fermented trout by JP McMahon
Fermented trout, kohlrabi, dehydrated gooseberry by JP McMahon

Two weeks ago, I attended an event called “Wild Fermentation: the culture of live foods”. That was a presentation delivered by JP McMahon, one of the well-known Irish chefs. The presentation was rather fancy, as the title suggests, but still worth writing about on my blog, I think.

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Sauerkraut is the new popcorn!

Do you know this feeling like eating something, but not being hungry?

Sauerkraut is new popcorn.

I do. I feel like eating when I am bored or a bit anxious or thinking on something intensely.  Thank God dealing with a computer requires using both, the cleaner the better, hands. Otherwise, I would be probably snacking constantly.

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Sauerkraut Soup Recipe.

sauerkraut soup
Sauerkraut soup.

Recently, we played a  game  at home, where everyone had to tell the one dish they would wish to have before they were executed.  To my surprise, I couldn’t come up with anything better than sauerkraut soup. (If we exclude desserts, of course).

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