Sauerkraut raw salad – surówka z kiszonej kapusty

To make Sauerkraut Salad you will need:sauerkraut salad

200-300g of sauerkraut (if you don’t make it home, remember: always buy sauerkraut in jars, see how to buy…)

One carrot

One very small white onion

One green apple (optional)

1-2 spoons of oil

A pinch of sugar

Place sauerkraut in a bowl and add grated carrot, onion and apple. Add oil and sugar and mix very well. If your sauerkraut is very dry, you can dissolve the sugar in 100-200 ml of cold water before adding to the salad.

You can have it as light lunch or supper, but I love it as a side for fish or chicken. And this is how sauerkraut salad is traditionally served in Poland.

Important: do not be tempted to add olive oil instead of ‘normal’ oli  (vegetable or sunflower), because olive oil does not work with fermented food. If you absolutely hate vegetable or sunflower oil, try linseed oil.

Also: some people like to rinse sauerkraut with water before making salad (or any other dish). For me it is a crime, because you just get rid of most of the beneficial stuff lactobacteria have been working on for long time. But I understand that the natural taste of sauerkraut can be to strong for more sophisticated palates.

In the next post I give you the recipe for sauerkraut soup.

See you.


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