Sauerkraut is the new popcorn!

Do you know this feeling like eating something, but not being hungry?

Sauerkraut is new popcorn.

I do. I feel like eating when I am bored or a bit anxious or thinking on something intensely.  Thank God dealing with a computer requires using both, the cleaner the better, hands. Otherwise, I would be probably snacking constantly.

Does it sound familiar to you? Do you avoid shelves with crisps and salted peanuts in a store just to feel miserable later when snacking on an apple?

I have nothing against apples, but what some people crave is SALT. Of course, the best solution would be to wean yourself off salt completely, but why not making the process a bit enjoyable?

Why not snacking on something that is a bit salty and healthy in the same time?

It is easy for me to say because I grew up on Fermented Foods and I love it. I remember eating sauerkraut straight from a plastic bag* with my roommate when I was young. We were not health conscious AT ALL at the time (rather opposite). We just loved the taste so much.

I think, the secret of making Sauerkraut suitable (and enjoyable) for snacking lies in making it crunchy and not too sour. I achieve it by fermenting cabbage in closed jars and by restraining from crushing it (see: The Easiest Way to Make Sauerkraut). It is also a good idea not to keep it in a warm place for more than three days at the initial stage of the fermentation.

 My sauerkraut usually has less lactic acid and more carbon dioxide than other’s, therefore probably is a bit less healthy. But, come on, we are talking about Sauerkraut versus bacon crisps here!

So, next time when you feel like indulging in a bowl of popcorn, grab a fermented cucumber, beetroot, brussels sprout, cabbage or whatever your favourite veg is.

Just, please, don’t do this in a cinema!

I don’t want the Fermented Food to be banned…

Happy snacking!

Sauerkraut is the new popcorn!
Make ferments your comfort food!

* I don’t  mean a sealed plastic bag like you can see in supermarkets; you must never ever buy those; in Poland we buy (or used to buy?) sauerkraut by weight from a barrel or container and it is packed into a plastic bag; unless you are an environmentalist and bring your own jar.


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