Apple Cider Vinegar – A Personal Story (1).

apple_cider_ vinegar1When I was a child, I was constantly scolded for drinking the vinegar pickling brine, which seemed to be my favourite drink. I was told million times that vinegar would destroy my liver and make me incurably anemic for the rest of my life.

This folk wisdom had ingrained so deeply in my mind that, as an adult, I have avoided adding any vinegar to salad dressings and used lemon juice as a substitute. Of course, I heard and read here and there about the health benefits of certain types of vinegar, but completely didn’t pay the attention.

Until the last winter, when I got a massive sinus infection. It made me feel disabled and miserable, so I spent a huge amount of time searching the web for a miraculous remedy; I usually have nasty side effects when taking antibiotics and wanted to avoid this option at all costs.

The advice I kept coming across again and again was to drink a spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) diluted with water first thing in the morning and half an hour before each substantial meal.

I followed the instructions and my condition gradually improved. I don’t know if I got better thanks to my new “drinking habit” or just because it was the time for the infection to be gone.

However, an interesting thing happened as a side effect and this I can fully credit to ACV; I stopped having afternoon sugar slumps that had haunted me for the most of my adult life.

Many people know this feeling of being unable to do anything after lunch. In my case, even the smallest things like having a conversation posed an enormous challenge. I didn’t just feel lazy; I felt cataleptic.

The symptoms I suffered from reminded those of non-diabetic insulin resistance. This ailment causes elevated blood sugar level during or straight after a meal followed by a massive fall. In the long term, it can turn into the full blown diabetes and would love to believe that drinking APV protects me from that.

Thank you for reading! It’s not the end, though.

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