Apple Cider Vinegar – A Personal Story (2)

apple_cider_ vinegar1In my previous post, I wrote about how drinking Apple Cider Vinegar helped to fight off my afternoon slumps.
Here is a bit of an explanation.

Scientific research proves that acetic acid present in all kinds of vinegar improves insulin sensitivity to carbs, and this makes blood sugar level stable even after a meal. And this is why Italians eat salad with vinegar based dressing before dinner.

Theoretically, any vinegar has these properties. But, Apple Cider Vinegar seems to be particularly beneficial. Unfiltered ACV contains “mother” and “mother”, according to credible authors, consists of strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria and this makes ACV special. This is why it is pointless to drink filtered ACV.

Also, unfiltered ACV is by far the tastiest of all kinds and forms of vinegar I have tried.  Well, if I don’t count the pickling brine, of course.

I still eat carbs, however carefully, and keep drinking ACV in the morning and before meals, whenever I can. I swear, I don’t remember when I got a sugar slump last time. I run 2 or 3 times a week, and it probably helps as well.

I have to confess that I don’t make APV at home. I like one of the brands available in health shops. It is relatively cheap, organic, smells nice, tastes nice and WORKS. I don’t promote brands on my blog*, so contact me directly if you want to know the name of it.

When I run out of APV, I drink kombucha or kombucha vinegar instead. I never run out of the latter, because kombucha I make at home turns into vinegar regularly due to my negligence. I wish it turned into gold, but vinegar is handy as well.

The effects are more or less the same as of drinking APV, what I find interesting. Maybe I will even volunteer as a “subject” for scientific research?

If you want to make APV at home, I strongly recommend the recipe from one of my favourite blogs.

For more information about health benefits of APV (allegedly, there are loads of them) check this article.

Thank you for reading my long story!

Keep fermenting and stay healthy.

*I know, I know, I show pictures of Polish products sometimes; cannot resist.


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