All Things Ginger

Ginger rootIreland is a land of mysteries. One of the mysteries is this: why do the Summer school holidays begin when Summer is over?

Every year of the decade I have spent here, the hottest days were in May through June and 2016 seems not to be an exception, unfortunately.  Continue reading All Things Ginger


How to Implement Fermented Food in Your Diet

how to implement fermented food to the dietSometimes, I forget that not everyone was born Polish and fed with sauerkraut from infancy. So, I am still a bit surprised when people ask me how to eat fermented food, even though I heard this question so many times. Continue reading How to Implement Fermented Food in Your Diet

What is Water Kefir?

What is water kefir? Simply speaking, Water Kefir is sugared water fermented by so-called Water Kefir grains. Some people are put off by the presence of sugar, but a
properly brewed drink contains only traces of it; during the fermentation, the sugar is converted to lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other, rather harmless, substances. Continue reading What is Water Kefir?