The Secondary Fermentation: Hippie Jargon for “Put Kombucha in a Bottle”

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You can find the instructions how to make the different flavoured Kombuchas in this post by one of my favourite bloggers.
I am reblogging this because I would never ever come out with an idea like elderberry-lavender or rose-cardamon Kombucha myself.

Zero-Waste Chef

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During my fermentation workshops, I give students samples of my various kombucha flavors before I put them to work. They always ask for the recipes so I thought I better get to it and post a bunch.

Before you can flavor kombucha, you must first brew a batch and wait for it to ferment. You can find my kombucha instructions here for the initial fermentation. The only secret to brewing kombucha is hunting down a mother or SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), which transforms your tea into a delicious, effervescent and probiotic drink. If you have trouble finding a mother, join the very active Wild Fermentation group on Facebook and ask around. The way kombucha mothers reproduce (they have no shame), you may find someone desperate to unload a few layers of SCOBY on you.

runaway mother My mother, Etheldreda, trying to make a run for it

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