Fermented Food Freak on the Radio

south dublin radioYes, FFF was on the radio! They allowed me to talk about myself and my blog for over half an hour and it felt awesome, of course.

The host, Melanie, was incredibly patient, encouraging and accommodating and I am very grateful for that.

What’s more, I even didn’t have to be concerned about my thick Polish accent, because the show is about multicultural communities in Dublin.

All in all, it was an extremally pleasurable experience and for a moment, I thought that maybe my true calling is to be a celebrity and be on the radio every day.

Just kidding.

Listening to the recording was very distressing. My accent is indeed very thick, I swallow words, make loads of grammar mistakes and the flow of the story is maybe not that smooth…

south dublin radioNonetheless, you are very welcome to listen to the podcast. Just click on the Dublin South Radio logo.

Thank you, Melanie, for inviting and hosting me!



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