Sour Milk and Beet Soup.

sour milk and beets cold soupThis post is the continuation of the Sour Milk topic. It sounds crazy, but, yes, people make soup from sour milk. It is very popular in Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. Continue reading Sour Milk and Beet Soup.


Sauerkraut is the new popcorn!

Do you know this feeling like eating something, but not being hungry?

Sauerkraut is new popcorn.

I do. I feel like eating when I am bored or a bit anxious or thinking on something intensely.  Thank God dealing with a computer requires using both, the cleaner the better, hands. Otherwise, I would be probably snacking constantly.

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Parsnip – a perfect veg for the first time fermenters.

I have not been a big fan of parsnips, I must confess. It is bland and dry when eaten raw and bland and spongy when cooked. A poor cousin of the parsley root, I thought.parsnips

However, I completely changed my opinion when received a bunch of parsnips from my friend’s garden recently.  I didn’t know it could be so succulent and aromatic!  Continue reading Parsnip – a perfect veg for the first time fermenters.

Sauerkraut Soup Recipe.

sauerkraut soup
Sauerkraut soup.

Recently, we played a  game  at home, where everyone had to tell the one dish they would wish to have before they were executed.  To my surprise, I couldn’t come up with anything better than sauerkraut soup. (If we exclude desserts, of course).

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Borscht leftover vegetables.

If you followed my recipe for borscht, you would have large amount of cooked vegetables left after sifting out. Majority of people would just throw it out and this is what I would normally do if veg was cooked in meat stock. But, as you remember, you cannot use meat for Christmas Eve borscht, so why waste the veg? Continue reading Borscht leftover vegetables.